The half-marathon and ”the wall”

Eric mentions that he did a half marathon last weekend. I say ”way to go!”, particularly since I did one myself 🙂 My plan was to run the first lap of the Stockholm marathon course, however, my legs gave up after around 17 km.  If I count the warm-up jogging i did from home to the starting point, I do come pretty close to a full half-marathon, so I think it counts. Neverthless, it was a little disturbing to find my legs totally giving up on me. I’m used to be able to run pretty much indefinitely if I just adjust my pace (well, within limits) but this time the muscles was just flat-out refusing to cooperate. I think this might have been what they refer to as ”running into the wall” (well, that’s a direct translation of the swedish ”springa in i väggen” — i don’t know what english-language runners call it).

I’m told that it’s much preferable to to encounter this condition before the race than during it, so all in all it’s probably for the best. I hope that it was a combination of  a lack of rest, food and fluids during the race (since I was running on my own, I had only my fluidbelt, which only was filled with water) and that next attempt will go better.

The marathon is now less than four weeks away. My plan is to do one, possibly two, more half marathons before that, and to fill up big on carbohydrates the week before. Mmm, pasta….