Still burning those calories

My legs still hurt from the treadmill, so for this sundays long run I substituted
the elliptical trainer. I burned 1278 kcal in 110 minutes, which is slightly less
than I did last sunday, but I’m reasonably happy. I am not happy with my legs, however.
I am starting to suspect that my running style is causing unnescessary strain to my
legs, so I’m going to try to fit out a new pair of shoes to balance this.

Also, so far the training
for a four hour marathon has been pretty tough. I hope my general fitness
improves at a more rapid pace than the program progresses, otherwise this is going
to be one exhausted spring.

My legs, they hurt!

The training
said I should run 8 km in 45 minutes today. My legs, still hurting
from sunday’s 15 km run, said otherwise, and flat out refused to cooperate after half
the distance.

Previously when my legs have been feeling less than OK, I have switched from the treadmill
to the elliptical trainer (sort of a cross between a stairmaster and cross country
skiing). Since the movements are different, I’ve tried to adjust by focusing on how
many calories I’m burning per minute: around 11 for low intensity training, around
14 for higher intensity — same for both the treadmill and the elliptical trainer.

Running can be pretty hard on the legs, and so far for me it has. Maybe I should stick
to the elliptical trainer during the weeks, and only use the treadmill on the long
sunday run. Eventually I expect my legs to adapt to the abuse.

must… watch… more… TV

So, the ”Book
” DVD actually did appear before the holidays, but I have not sat down and
seen it yet. And to further pile opon the stuff of things that needs to be seen, the
first season of 24 is on sale, like everywhere
for around 200 SEK. I never saw it when it aired, which I’m kinda glad about now,
because it seems like the kind of show that lends itself nicely to 18-hour viewing
marathons. It’s going to be fun…

Speaking of marathons, my training for this summers marathon goes on, and I’ve already
started to feel pain in my ankles. Today I switched the treadmill run for a elliptical
trainer session. Since I don’t know what running 35 mins at 10.5 km/h would correspond
to on that machine’s setting, I erred on the tougher side. After about 15 minutes
I realised my mistake, but couldn’t admit that to myself, so I went on. Kinda exhausting,
but I think my newborn stubbornness is a vital quality for a would-be marathon runner.