Looking for statistics

Most of you that are reading this and are in their late twenties or early thirties
probably had a home computer of some kind. When I was 10-12 there were basically only
two machines competing on the Swedish markets: Commodore 64 (the 800-pound gorilla)
and the ZX Spectrum (the underdog). Later the two main contenders became Amiga and
the Atari ST, of which the Amiga was slightly more popular.

I wonder if there is a correlation between one’s first computer and one’s career path?
My thesis is that people that cut their teeth on the ZX Spectrum are more likely to
have turned out programmers than those that began on the C64. My reasoning is
that as a Spectrum owner, one was more socially isolated than a C64 owner would be
(read: less people to trade games with), which have always been an important prerequisite
for the budding programmer.

On being an idealistic Swede


The two types of stories I like most on Swedish radio are (1) where they
talk about the United States, since it’s enlightening to learn how others see us,
and (2) when they talk about slimy politicians.

The Swedes seem all upset that their politicians are selfish money-grubbing sleazeballs.
Hey, you idealistic Swedes, they’re politicians. Being selfish money-grubbing
sleazeballs is their job!