This month’s column: Giving props to Smalltalk

Alan Kay recently won the Turing award for his work on Smalltalk and subsequent projects. I spent some time with the free smalltalk implementation Squeak this weekend, and was particularly impressed with the very dynamic nature of things — being able to modify the actual root Object is not something that’s common in more mainstream environments. Felt very much like a Lisp environment like Emacs, but object oriented. Anyway, it all led to me writing a column on Smalltalk and it’s impact for As usual, in Swedish.

Update: Oh, look, it made the frontpage

New column up

It’s been a while since I wrote in this blog. I’ve been working a lot with Unicode
and Arabic character encodings lately, and will probably post a little story about
that soon enough, but for now I’ll just plug my latest
up on, about what the fortcoming XP Reloaded will mean for .Net
deployment. The column is in Swedish, but the short executive version is ”XP Reloaded
is a Good Thing for people wishing to write consumer software using the .Net framework”.
No big surprises, really…

New IDG column on its way

I’ve just finished this weeks column for This week, the news of Intels new
line of P4’s
tied nicely into a rant about how we really do need ever faster computers,
even though not all of us may have a use for the cycles right away. It should be sent
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The one I write for is called ” Teknik & Tester”, and is in Swedish.

The column should also be up on the web some time later this week.
Update: Here
it is