This year’s new years resolution

So, I very rarely make new year’s resolutions, but for this year I had actually thought
one over and decided that it made sense: During 2004, I will finish in a marathon
race. I’m primarily focusing on Stockholm
, but failing that, I’m also thinking about the New
York City Marathon
, which is later in the year, giving me more time to prepare.

I’m following the suggested
training schedule for a 4-hour race
, which today meant a 14 km run (on a treadmill),
which was as exhausting as could be expected — and it’s still only a third of the
real race.

The importance of good music to listen to when running cannot be understated — today
I loaded my JOS MP-100 with Jimmy Eat World ”Bleed American” (worked out very
good), MC Solaar ”Mach 6” (the uptempo songs worked fine, but not the slower ones)
and Entombed ”Inferno” (Works as good as ever, particularly ”The Fix Is In”).

A strange thing is that the MP-100 only weighs around 34 gram (including battery),
yet at the end of the run felt very heavy around my neck. I’m glad I didn’t get an