Mini-review: Division of Laura Lee ”Das not compute”

[Aarrgh, I just lost the entire review because dasBlog suddenly decided that I wasn’t logged in, and when I went back, the nice and friendly HTML-editor-form didn’t keep my text… And now I can’t reproduce it]

I had to find out what all the fuss about this band was about. On the surface, there’s nothing that special about DOLL. It’s rock. It’s nicely produced. They build really convincing moods with small means. A good case of ”less is more”. While the uptempo tracks are instantly recognizable and easy to get into, it’s the slower numbers like ”Breathe breathe” and ”There’s a last time for everything”, with their slower, moodier sounds (making good use of keyboards), that win me over. Some songs are so intense that I can’t stand to listen to them when I’m around people. Not many bands have that effect on me, and while it’s a little frightening, I can’t recommend this record highly enough.