Circles, Triangles and Rectangles

It seems that Microsoft is working with Cambridge university on a extension to C#
called ”Xen”,
aimed at simplifying access to XML and RDBMS data by making advanced data access a
first-class member of the language itself, rather than using libraries, and going
way beyond simple extensions like typed
and JAXB.

While I do like small, powerful languages like scheme,
I actually think that these ideas have their merits. I remember how differently I
would approach a problem in Perl, due to its first-class
inclusion of associative
, regexps and
data binding (the tie()
system), and in this
from ExtremeTech, I get the feeling that I would be able to tackle more
complex relational data in totally new ways.

I’d recommend reading the article first,
then the actualpapers. So far,
I’ve only skimmed the papers, but I think that if they get this right, it could
be pretty powerful. And innovative.

Also, as pun-inviting as the name Xen may be, I am thankful that they dropped the
original name: X#…

Lazy-ass C# developers

In this
about new features in VS.NET ”Whidbey”:

It’s also worth noting that C# does not support Edit and Continue. This is currently
a Visual Basic .NET only feature, and I know of no statement that C# will support
this in the Whidbey release.

What the fuck?! I was surprised when Edit and continue wasn’t available for C# in
the original VS.NET, then outraged when it wasn’t in VS.NET 2003. Now they’re telling
me this essential feature won’t even be available in Whidbey?! And this for the
supposed Microsoft darling language, C#?

Fuck this. I’m gonna be a lisp head instead.