My post office sucks

home and found a note that my long-awaited Diesel
package had arrived, unfortunately I got home at close to 20:00 and my
local post office closes at 19:00. Which means I will have to wait another day before
I can look as cool as that guy on the right.

Word of the day

”Flashturbation”. I hadn’t heard this before reading it here,
but it’s such a wonderful word that it seems to have existed for some time. Indeed,
a google search for it even yields the category ”Computers > Multimedia > Flash
and Shockwave > Tutorials”.

Bozos vs Idiots

Lao Tsu, by the way of SetTheBozoBit

When the fool learns the Way,
He laughs at it.
Yet if the fool did not laugh at it,
It would not be the Way.
Indeed, if you are seeking the Way,
Listen for the laughter of fools.

Very nicely put. It did remind me of a column that Erik retold today, about a man
who went around in the city, being more and more aggravated about all the idiots surrounding
him. Everywhere he looked, in every situation, people were behaving like idiots
(remember the saying ”Think about how dumb the average person is, now, by definition,
half of all the people are even dumber”). So he went and had a sign made, a sign that
just said ”Idiots” — and put it on the inside of his front door.

Update: It is also worth remembering this
(abbreviated) quote
: ”[…]

But they also laughed at Bozo the Clown” — Carl Sagan

On being an idealistic Swede


The two types of stories I like most on Swedish radio are (1) where they
talk about the United States, since it’s enlightening to learn how others see us,
and (2) when they talk about slimy politicians.

The Swedes seem all upset that their politicians are selfish money-grubbing sleazeballs.
Hey, you idealistic Swedes, they’re politicians. Being selfish money-grubbing
sleazeballs is their job!