Liberia Articles Of Agreement

For more information or assistance in ordering maritime publications, please contact applicable Liberian Maritime Regulations – RLM-108 (p.57) and Liberian Maritime Law – RLM-107 (Article 350 Entry of Criminal Offences in the Logbook). article of the agreement between the master and the seafarers in the commercial service of the Republic of Liberia. A contract between the master of a ship and a crew that applies to the signature and signature of all seafarers serving on board Liberian-flagged vessels. Record Books see POL-009 Oil Record Book Part I – Each oil tanker with a gross tonnage of 150 gross tons or more and every ship with one gross tonne or more, with the exception of one oil tanker, is required to keep a Part I (Machinery Space Operations) oil registration record in accordance with Marpol Annex I, rule 17. This oil registration log, Part I, shall comply with the requirements of Annex I to marpol and shall contain instructions for completing the entries. Ozone-depleting substances (ODS) Record Book – Any ship subject to MARPOL Annex VI, regulation 6.1, which has refillable systems containing ozone-depleting substances, shall maintain a register of ozone-depleting substances in accordance with MARPOL Annex VI. This ODS registration book complies with the requirements of Annex VI of marpol and contains instructions for completing the entries. Computer-based training provides a comprehensive overview of the complex and diverse marine environment and explains how it is influenced by waste, discharges and spills, as well as navigation in general. It also includes environmental impact plans and systems, environmental management plans and systems, sustainable navigation and the role of the human element in pollution prevention. It also provides an overview of MARPOL rules and other relevant IMO conventions and highlights the importance of compliance with legislation in general. Thanks to the most modern IT tools, cyber & Ship Security CBT offers an interactive and multimedia self-learning course. Whether on land or at sea, this training offers an effective tool to increase the skill, self-confidence and availability of your captains and their crew.