Justin Signed A Rental Agreement For His Condo

Apparently, the building was sold before we signed the lease according to a broker neighbor, but the landlord only mentioned that it was sold this week (only 3 months after moving in), so we are preparing to move in the next 30 days to free ourselves from this place. However, the lease is vague in that it states that we must evacuate in 90 days, so the landlord says that we must stay the full 90 days if the broker`s email clarified that we have ”up to 90 days” to evacuate. For greater clarity, the broker is the one who designed the lease. Talk to your landlord. I hope that your landlord will be informed in advance of his intentions to sell the property and will inform you if he hopes to sell to another investor who will keep the property as a rental. They could sell the property for a number of reasons, and the friendlier you are during the process, the more likely they are to encourage the new buyer to keep you as a long-term tenant. I am not aware of any state law that requires a homeowner not to pre-advertise before selling a home. You are entitled to a warning if the terms of the rental agreement change, for example.B. if the rent increases or if the new landlord wants you to sign a new lease. If your current lease is a monthly lease, you have less security when it comes to staying in the property during a sale. The new owners will have to respect the terms of the lease you signed with the original owner, so that even if there are 3 years left in the lease, they will have to respect this agreement. Here is a good resource to increase the deposit. www.onradpad.com/ask-radpad/can-a-landlord-ask-for-an-additional-security-deposit/.

If the lease states that the deposit corresponds to one month`s rent and the rent is increased on the new lease you signed, it looks like you also have to pay the increased deposit difference. But an owner cannot decide to increase the deposit in the medium term. You can ask your landlord at any time where the lease indicates that he will increase the deposit. I ask the landlord to clarify the 30-day notice and I request it in writing. You can ask them to delete the internal photos in accordance with your consent. Since the agreement was concluded by e-mail, this should be included in written documentation at a reduced rental price. You should talk to a lawyer for advice on paying the reduced rent amount to new landlords. What could happen is that your daughter pays the reduced amount, receives a healing notification, or resigns because she didn`t pay the full rental and has to go to court to prove her case. The email should be seen as evidence of why he is paying a reduced amount, and I hope the judge will side with him. They must, however, decide whether it is worth going to court. Your attorney should also be able to offer good communication and a legal letter that can be made available to new landlords asking them to comply with current rental terms and special agreements in accordance with state laws…