How Many Agreements In Agenda 21

With all this commotion, it`s not clear. A June 2012 poll by the American Planning Association, shocked by the attacks on a seemingly entirely reasonable planning approach, showed that 85% of respondents did not know enough to pass judgment on Agenda 21. Only 6% of them said they were against the UN plan, while half as many – 9% of those questioned – said they supported it. But by that time, the Great Recession had already swept across America and development projects from Maine to Baldwin County to California stopped screaming. The bulldozers were now sitting quietly and silently in the Alabama sun. Planning and zoning meetings were held once again a month. At some meetings, no items were on the agenda. A meeting lasted six minutes. ”It`s so fast that he refueled here,” says Dyas. ”So the plan has never had a chance to be fully implemented in the process here in Baldwin County.” In Chapter 27, Agenda 21 also explicitly acknowledges the role of NGOs in implementing the Agenda: ”It sounds so friendly.

So heavy with meaning. So urgent,” DeWeese wrote in a 2009 report.