Form Retention Agreement

Great collaborators are precious. If you want to encourage an employee to stay with your company, you can use an employee retention agreement. It describes the agreement between the employee and the company that the employee stays in the company for a certain period of time and receives a guaranteed commitment bonus (even though the company could be about to buy or change direction or ownership, which could ultimately result in the employee losing a job). Because the bonus works every year, which means that the employee has concluded a year of agreement, which gives him the right to this payment. They will not receive next year`s bonus because they have not concluded this part of the agreement. Then you want to go straight to what is discussed in this letter: offering a retention bonus agreement. We recommend going straight to the point with something like this: Ultimately, your retention bonus agreement should benefit you and the employees you`re trying to keep. By offering a bonus, you can entice your top talent to stay close and help you achieve your business goals after a merger or acquisition. At the same time, you reward the commitment of your employees. The next part of the agreement deals with how the person`s role in the newly created organization changes, the duration of the agreement, and the amount it is paid if it stays long enough. From there, you need to dwell on a few finer details, which respond to what happens when the person is terminated during the retention agreement.

Let`s dive straight into how you can create one of these agreements to make sure it does everything you need. All of these things should be mentioned in the Bonus Retention letter so that your employee fully understands what you are offering them. The last thing you want is either for your employee to be confused and not willing to accept the offer, or for countless employees to appear with simple questions that you could have answered in an email/agreement. SHRM passes through quickly and keeps the letter fluid. They include the title of the person, the expectations of the management, who is the hierarchical superior, the salary of the person, the duration of the agreement, the amount of the bonus and the time when the payment will be delivered. After making this part crystal clear, you also need to add a few other legal parts to your agreement to make sure they hold. In this case, the first step towards writing a retention bonus agreement is to actually start writing a document in the form of a letter. This will eventually be sent to your collaborators, which means it`s a good time to complete the document as quickly as possible so you can easily fill in the gaps and ship them without much effort.

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