Training Services Agreement Sample

The client can replace the training participants by providing Kinetica with a written communication 48 hours before the planned training begins. Kinetica reserves the right to exclude from the class the participants in the training which, according to their reasonable opinion, cause disturbances in this class. In the case of such an exclusion, no reimbursement of related costs is made. Kinetica does not allow customers to ”audit” additional participants. The client agrees to pay for all participants who are in the classroom at the time of the training, including last-minute participants and drop-ins. 3. Possession of training equipment. Notwithstanding the contrary provisions, with the exception of the limited licence fees expressly provided for in this article, Takari and its suppliers have and retain all rights, titles and interests on and on training materials (including, but not limited to, all patents, copyrights, trademark secrets, trade secrets and other intellectual property rights). The client acknowledges that he enjoys only a limited licence fee for training materials and that, regardless of the use of the terms ”purchase,” ”sale” or similar terms under this contract, no property rights will be transferred to the customer under this Agreement or in any other way. All copies, improvements, updates, modifications or extensions of training material (including sample file changes) remain Takari`s property (including any changes involving customer ideas, comments or suggestions). All rights that Takari has not granted are reserved. Kinetica will provide the customer with certain consulting and training services (the ”services”) according to the customer`s order.

Each order contains, by reference, these terms and conditions (the ”agreement”). To the extent that an order provides for additional conditions and/or conflicting with the agreement, the terms of the decision apply. All Kinetica subcontractors under a contract are required to fulfill all obligations under this contract, as if they were met by Kinetica. There is no penalty if the client postpones a scheduled training or consultation (hereafter the ”planned service”) at least 20 business days or more before the planned service begins. If the customer postpones a service scheduled for at least ten (10), but less than twenty (20) working days before the start of the scheduled service, a fine of 25% of the amount of the planned service may be imposed. If the customer postpones a scheduled service less than 10 business days before the scheduled service begins, a penalty of up to 100% of the planned service can be calculated. (a) the customer must perform the tasks and tasks defined in an order in order to facilitate the delivery of the services described in the Kinetica order and to allow Kinetica to access the customer`s facilities in an appropriate and necessary manner during the customer`s normal opening hours and to facilitate, by other means, as Kinetica reasonably requires, the performance of the services described in each order.