Stock Purchase Agreement Securities Laws

10. Assuming (i) the accuracy of the company`s assurances and guarantees, from any purchaser to section 2 of the sales contract and the investment agents in the bidders` letter, and (ii) the correct performance by the company of the agreements and agreements defined in Section 4 of the sales contract was not subject to securities law or state securities laws. Shares may not be offered or sold in the United States without registration or exemption from applicable registration requirements. Neither this current report on Form 8-K nor the exhibits added to it are an offer to sell or an invitation to purchase the shares described here. n. authorisation; Enforcement of the law validity. To the extent that a buyer is a corporation, corporation, limited liability company or other entity, that buyer is a company, a corporation, a limited liability company or another existing entity and has the company, the company, limited liability or other organizational powers and powers to carry out the transactions provided in the transaction documents. To the extent that a buyer is an individual, that buyer has the legal capacity to carry out the transactions provided in the transaction documents. The agreement and the registration contract were duly and effectively approved (if any), executed and delivered on behalf of a buyer, and are legal, valid and binding agreements of that purchaser, applicable against that purchaser on their respective terms, unless they may be affected by bankruptcy, insolvency, fraudulent transmission or other similar laws concerning the rights of creditors in general and the general principles of equity , are limited. B. This purchaser provided the company with the purchase price of the shares purchased by that purchaser for the purpose of concluding by the transfer of immediately available funds, in accordance with the lead instructions offered by the company. Mr. Lockup.

The entity cannot propose, sell, sell, sell, mortgage or sell a transaction without the prior written consent of the intermediation agents (or enter into a transaction that is intended or reasonably likely to be reasonably uitable for the business or subsidiary of the company or a person who is with the business or related business will lead directly to an injunction (either by effective disposition or by effective economic disposition directly involved by the company or a person related to the company or a person connected to the business. or indirectly, including the submission (or participation) of a registration statement to the SEC with respect to or by increasing an equivalent position of put or liquidating or reducing an equivalent position of appeal within the meaning of Section 16 of the Exchange Act, all other shares of the common stock or securities held in , common shares; or the intention to make such a transaction for a period of 90 days from the date of this agreement, provided, however, that the Company (i) may carry out the proposed transactions, including the addition of additional purchasers and the performance of its obligations under the registration right contract, (ii) issuance and sale of common shares or shares convertible into common shares or exchangeable shares. , in accordance with a stock options plan for employees, to an action plan, dividend reinvestment plan or any other company agreement (together with the Company`s plans) described in the SEC documents, (iii) issuance of common shares issued on the conversion of outstanding securities on the date of this agreement or the exercise of bonds or options or liquidation of limited or pending shares issued pursuant to a business plan at the time of this agreement, (iv) submit one or more registration statements on Form S-8, which relate to a company plan, and (v) Ak