Rebate Agreement Number In Sap

In discount management, supplier agreements are recorded, purchases and sales are tracked on the basis of agreements, and discount limits and requests are managed. The number categories for discount agreements are defined by different discount groups (for example. B group discounts). How the system creates the contract number after the vbo2 is registered, how that number is determined and how it is created and how it assigns it to all discount agreements is systematic. Group discount: It allows you to create packaging kits for a combination of flow/material or a group of debtors/discounts. Before using discount agreements, it is necessary to prepare an SAP system with several customization parameters. Here are these conditions: Note: If we store the discount contract, the system generates a ”no.” for this agreement. We will maintain a ”no” for this. Area reserved for the discount agreement.

Go ahead; Below the net worth of the item, we must place the types of discounts. Since the amount of the rebate is calculated on a discount basis, while the types of discount conditions are introduced into the procedure for the ”from” field, we announce the ”no” of a discount base. Cash flow has been improved due to timely and accurate requests for rebates. The discount agreement is an important concept in billing. It is used by different companies in different sectors. SAP consultants looking for SAP SD jobs should be familiar with the process of managing discount agreements in SAP. SAP offers comfortable features for creating, booking and clearing discount agreements. Payment method: Shows the standard method for paying the amount of the discount to the debiteur. For example, it could be a credit or a cheque, etc.

As part of the rebate agreement, several conditions are established for each material or group of materials that a debtor buys. Each record can indicate the amount of the discount either as a percentage or as a fixed value. In addition, packaging kits can use price scales, allowing the customer to earn more discounts by purchasing more products. Discount agreements are indicated in the spirit of billing statements (in the area of price data) and allow SAP to track the sales volume corresponding to a given customer. Depending on the SAP configuration, it is possible to automatically reserve demarcations with billing statements, so that the amount of the cumulative reduction is accounted for in the accounting. For payment of the rebate to the customer, it is necessary to settle the delivery contract. The tally of the surrender contract results in the issuance of a credit to the debiteur for the cumulative amount of the rebate. Default status: indicates the default status of the discount agreement. In general, it will be ”open.” When establishing a discount contract, a single number indicating the discount agreement is assigned. The number comes from the range of numbers you set in this menu option. Note: If it is a customer discount, the condition rate is maintained for the payer. For the types of discounts, we maintain the ”24” requirement, which states that the types of discounts can only be defined in a billing document.

Path: SPRO Sales and Distribution-Bill-Discount-Treatment-Discount agreements define the types of agreements- define the types of contracts. In this menu option, you set the number intervals for discount agreements. When the customer was created, we specified the type of discount agreement. To do this, we need to define the type of contract with the required functionality. Go ahead; If you set up the discount agreement, you must first specify the following aspects: Reduction of hierarchy: It allows conditions for a node/customer`s hierarchical material or only according to the hierarchy.