Draft Of Labour Contract Agreement

11. The contractor will make food, snacks and soft drinks available to these workers, and the company will not be responsible. 4. The contractor carries out the labour supply activity at each establishment, including specialized work in loading and unloading goods from ships at the aforementioned ports and other ports in India and the contractor is licensed under the Labour (Regulation – Regulation) Abolition Act 1970. f. The contractor terminates this contract by at least one month`s notice, with or without justification. Subject to the indications provided by this clause, the contract remains in effect for a period of one year from the date of this clause. For urgent needs of the contractor`s format, send us your data in the mail. 27. This agreement will enter into force at the ————— and will be valid for an initial period of one year. It may be extended by mutual agreement between the parties for the period that may be determined.

Both parties can terminate the contract in writing to the other party within one month. However, if the contractor breaks the contract, the former has the right to terminate it without delay and without notice. (The communication is addressed to the address indicated in the agreement between the contractor and the principal employer) 25. The contractor must comply with all applicable laws and regulations governing the relationship between the employer and the worker, as if the contractor were the employer and the worker the employee. The contractor undertakes to compensate and compensate the company for any losses, royalties and expenses it has incurred as a result of violations of laws or regulations. The contractual format must be duly signed by the parties in appropriate locations, with proof of their identity in the contractual format. 5. The company proposes to entrust the work of loading and unloading the company`s vessel arriving in that port and the contractor has agreed to provide the work for this purpose on the following conditions recorded and agreed between the parties.

CONSIDERING that, on the first part, the party requires the services of an expert contractor; AND CONSIDERING that the party of the second party has approached the party of the first part and offered its services for this purpose, with the certainty that it has the equipment, expertise, skills and opportunities to provide quality services. The agreement between the contractor and the main employer or the contractor`s format must be entered on the stamp paper of appropriate value, as requested by the State Government. 2. The company informs the contractor, for at least eight days, of the date on which the company`s vessel is likely to arrive in that port and when the vessel is anchored in that port, is likely to leave the port after having shipped the goods reserved with the transport company. The company also informs the contractor of the number of workers needed to unload the ship arriving at port and how many workers will be required to load the vessel leaving port. If the contractor does not provide the necessary work on any occasion, the company has the right to hire other workers and the contractor is required to pay the company the costs incurred by the damages suffered. 6. Where the company finds that a worker provided by the contractor is unable to perform the work in question satisfactorily or is not physically able to perform the work in question, the contractor removes such a worker from the service and replaces another worker in his place.