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  • EFF: DeepLinks [lexmark patents shrinkwraplicenses]
    –"Now Lexmark (which already unsuccessfully tried to use the DMCA to wipe out the refills market) has turned to patent law to prop up its effort to keep its customers in bondage. According to Lexmark, the "single use only" label on the boxes of their "Preb
  • EFF: DeepLinks: DRM Sinks to New Low [copyrights drm evil]
    –"The company’s main product is a training manual that explains the "Memletics advanced learning system" — and if you loan it to a friend, you do so at considerable personal risk. You see, Mimletic prints out your "name, address, telephone number, credit
  • California makes phishing punishable by law – Security – [law phishing]
    –"The bill, advanced by state Sen. Kevin Murray, is the first of its kind in the United States and makes "phishing" — getting people to divulge personal information via e-mail by representing oneself as a business without the approval or authority of the
  • The Google Print Library Project: A Copyright Analysis [copyrights fairuse google]
    –"Given the confusion in press reports describing the project, publishers should carefully study exactly what Google intends to do and understand the relevant copyright issues. This understanding should significantly diminish any anxiety publishers possess
  • FBI to get veto power over PC software? | | CNET [law privacy wiretapping]
    –’According to the three-page document, to preserve the openness that characterizes today’s Internet, "consumers are entitled to run applications and use services of their choice, subject to the needs of law enforcement." Read the last seven words again.’
  • Wiretap rules for VoIP, broadband coming in 2007 | CNET [privacy voip wiretapping]
    –" "Broadband providers and Internet phone services have until spring 2007 to follow a new and complex set of rules designed to make it easier for police to seek wiretaps, federal regulators have ruled. "
  • BBC NEWS | Technology | Whose fault is it anyway? [softwareliability]
    –"Yet I can’t do anything when a company produces software that exposes my online banking details to any script kiddie with time to spare, because I’ve agreed a licence that removes such liability."
  • / Comment & analysis / Columnists – James Boyle: More rights are wrong for webcasters [copyrights jamesboyle webcasting wipo]
    –" First and most lamentably, intellectual property laws are created without any empirical evidence that they are necessary or that they will help rather than hurt. Second, the policymaking process has failed to keep track of the increasing importance o
  • GPL 3 may tackle Web loophole | Tech News on ZDNet [copyright gpl3 licensing]
    –’ ’"We’re looking at an approach where programs used (on a public server) will have to include a command for the user to download the source for the version that is running," Stallman said. "If you release a program that implements such a command, GPL
  • – Some States Push To Collect Sales Tax From Internet Stores [ecommerce regulation taxation]
    –"Architects of the Streamlined Sales Tax Project are devising a computer program that tracks the tax rates of the 18 states and their localities and automatically adds that rate to the bill of every online purchase"
  • Patently-O: Patent Law Blog: Eolas v. Microsoft: Eolas Patent Set to Reissue [eolas swpat uspto]
    — "Although this first rejection was a good sign for Microsoft, on September 27, 2005, the patent office indicated that it was filing a “Notice of Intent to Issue a Reexam Certificate? for patent number 5,838,906. This means that the PTO has decided
  • Slashdot | Peru Passes Free Software Law [administration opensource peru]
    –"Peru has passed a law favoring Open Source in the Government after some time and some fights thanks to the help of Peruvian Congressman Villanueva and APESOL(Peruvian Free Software Association). also provides the full text of the Bill."
  • Recording Industry vs The People: Another Motion to Dismiss in New P2P Fileshare Case in Brooklyn Federal Court, <i>Atlantic v. Huggins</i> [atlanticvhuggins law p2p]
    –"On September 28th, another motion to dismiss an RIAA complaint in a peer to peer file sharing case has been made, this time in Brooklyn federal court, in Atlantic v. Huggins."
  • Eight charged in LA in illegal release of latest ’Star Wars’ film [law piracy]
    –’Eight people were charged Tuesday with involvement in the illegal release of "Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith" before the movie appeared in theaters.’
  • Court forces RIAA to dismiss case against mother & child – CD [copyrights p2p riaa]
    –"In a court case where the RIAA tried suing the mother of a 13 year old when her daughter shared music over a file-sharing network, the court forced the RIAA to dismiss the case. In order for the RIAA to sue the child, a Guardian Ad Litem (guardian appoi
  • EFF: DeepLinks [broadcastflag mpaa]
    –"That Digital TV bill will contain — oh, look at that! — the Broadcast Flag language. Oh, and the RIAA’s Digital Radio Broadcast Flag, too, just for the sake of completeness. "
  • Irwin Law Inc. – Other Series – In the Public Interest [booklist canada copyrights]
    –"As Canada embarks on a new round of digital copyright reform, this collection of 19 essays from Canada’s leading copyright experts provides context and analysis of the latest reform proposals."
  • eDonkey Throws in the Towel [chillingeffects edonkey grokster p2p]
    –’As Yagan continued, “The Grokster standard requires divining a company’s "intent," the decision was essentially a call to litigate. This is critical because most startup companies just don’t have very much money. Whereas I could have managed to pay for
  • Slyck News – LimeWire Works to Block Unlicensed Material [contentfiltering limewire p2p]
    –" Approximately 3 to 5 days ago, LimeWire developers began working on two new branches, cc_reverify_interval-branch and cc-publish-branch. The code in the first branch works to verify that every file shared has a license. If this is not the case, the f
  • Phone makers seek to further lock down handsets – [drm mobilephones trustedcomputing]
    –"The Trusted Computing Group (TCG) is working on specifications for a security chip that could show up in mobile phones by the end of next year. "
  • Wired News: Free the Cell Phone! [dmca law phoneunlocking]
    –"Here, CellPhoneCo is making a novel argument: that it can stop a business with which it has no contractual relationship from selling software that customers might use for these purposes."
  • Wired News: Open Internet, We Hardly Knew Ye [copyrights screenscraping]
    –’Under ancient legal theories like "trespass to chattels" and ill-advised modern laws like the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and state computer crime statutes, courts are holding that if you don’t have authorization, you can’t access computers.’