Switched over

After some general fiddling on and off for a few days, I’ve finally moved the blog over from Blosxom to WordPress. As part of the switch, the site is now running on my new and oh-so-cute mac mini, which, piece by piece, is taking over duties from my old trusty P-166. The Mac mini has enough processing power to run a dynamic php/mysql-driven app like wordpress. Still, things are not quite as zippy as I would have hoped, but they will have to do for now.

This also means that all my trusty readers can comment on my insightfullness once again (unless they get caught in the shiny new spam filters, that is).

The main part of the import was done using Mark Nozell’s instructions, then semi-manually importing comments, both those that stemmed from my blosxom-with-writeback-plugin, as well as older comments from back when I was running dasBlog.

For some nice layout, I used the theme ”Journalized Sand” from Mike Little with some minor tweaks. One particularly nice touch with this theme is that even though it has a left-hand navigation bar thing, it places the main content first in the HTML file, which means the interesting stuff comes first when browsing with lynx, on a cell phone, etc. Good stuff.

I’m using WordPress’ url-rewriting features to make old permalink URL’s still point to the right place, even the oldest BlogX-based permalink URL’s should still work — I hope. I’ll be scanning my server logs for 404’s. If you’re reading this through a RSS/Atom reader, at least some of it must have worked.

So, this is the fourth blog engine in a year (BlogX->dasBlog->blosxom->WordPress). Wonder if I’ll be happy with this one? At least it has a healthy userbase, which is always good.

2 svar på ”Switched over”

  1. Pherhaps you should do some magic so subscribers to your old feed have a chance to know they need to change URLs (or, of course, preferably, some magic that makes lets them use the old URL).

  2. Well, user agents requesting the old feed URL’s now get a 301 redirect (”redirected permanently”) to the new URLs, so ideally users won’t even notice the change. Unfortunately, I think my old RSS feed used RSS 0.92 and the new one is RSS 2.0, but I think most readers handles both these versions nowadays?

    Net News Wire and RSS Bandit handles the switch automatically, just checked properties for my subscriptions, and they’re both using the new URLs.

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