Comments disabled (for now)

A month or two ago, I was the number one search result at google
for ”staffan”. Today, it seems I have been blacklisted entirely; A
search for ”Staffan Malmgren’s blog” brings up a bunch of trackbacks
and other references to me, but not this very page.

Most likely, this is punishment for my lack of comment-spam
housekeeping – I just went through the comments data files, and there
were maybe 5-10 legitimate comments among hundreds of spam messages,
most of them advertising the same few sites. Serves me right for
neither implementing spam controls or the nofollow

(The other possible explaination is that someone at Google, in the
recent controversy about IDN
and browser security
, dug up some reference to my old Google
post, didn’t think it was funny, and did something like
. But that is not very likely.)

Anyway, the result is that comments are disabled for now, as I
haven’t bothered with tweaking the Blosxom writeback plugin to have
some sort of spam control. Comments will return when I move this thing
over to WordPress, which has way better spam control features out of
the box, which should happen shortly after my new server is delivered,
which should be in around two weeks.