Time to change the blog engine (again)

Not much has been published here recently; my mind has been
occupied with other stuff. Lots of large and small things that I want
to blog about will have to wait until I’m in the mood for blogging

One thing that has to go is my blosxom setup. Over time, this blog
has attracted way too many comment spammers, and since it seems to be
no use to block their IP adresses (they just pop up from other
addresses — I guess these people use botnets), it might be a
good time to switch to a solution which has better built-in spam

There probably exists a better blosxom plugin than writeback
that enables commenting and handles spam (maybe one that doesn’t have
a XSS exploit,
even), but I’m done wrestling with it’s ”everything is a plugin”
philosopy, even if it means giving up my ”no mysql dependency”
criteria. I’ll probably switch to WordPress, since Erik switched to that (also
from Blosxom) and seems to be happy about it.

I just need to write a import script for blosxom-to-wordpress
migration (preferably with writeback comments and URL rewriting
configuration). Or maybe there exists one already?