is now public

Finally, after many a late nights of coding, is now usable enough for me to
make it public. For new viewers, this is the hobby project I’ve been
working on during weekends and evenings for the last few months, and
it’s basically the entire body of swedish law, nicely formatted,
hyperreferences and linkable.

As an example, take a look at the official online edition of the swedish copyright law, (or the more nicely formatted version at Notisum) and contrast it with the one at

Things to notice:

  • The table of contents, simplifying navigation in large law
  • The lenght and simplicity of the URL, making it feasible to input from memory, as long as you know the ID of the law (later on I will add some nice vhosting magic so you can input http://upphovsrä, but that’s not finished yet).
  • The ”changelog” for each section, detailing when that law was
    changed, with links to transitional regulations and the preparation
    documents that led up to the law.
  • Links to prejudical verdicts for each section, where such are
    available. This is particularly important, since many parts of law are
    hard to interpret without the knowledge of legal practice.
  • The fact that each and every paragraph and section is directly
    linkable. For example, to refer to the second paragraph in section 26
    g of the copyright law, just use the URL Purple
    are used to make it easier to discover and create such
    direct links.
  • (This is my favorite part). Wherever there are inline references
    in the text to another paragraph or another law, direct links are
    created, so that you quickly can click around and find out the exact
    text of the referenced paragraphs. Or, for even quicker access, just
    hover with the pointer over the link to get a tooltip containing the
    first ten words or so.

Also, there’s of course RSS feeds. One for news about new features on the site,
and one that contains all new and changed laws, as
that information becomes public. I hope that the latter one in
particular will become useful for anyone that wants to keep up to date
on Swedish law.

Now, if don’t have an interest in Swedish law, won’t be of
much interest to you, but if you do, I hope that you will take a look
at it, and if you have any feedback at all (feature suggestions, bug
reports, lavish praise), please do mail it to me.

I have really no idea of what will become of the project, but since
I’m planning on starting law school at the start of next year, I will
probably add whatever features that could be usable for a student of
Swedish law.

3 svar på ” is now public”

  1. Tack! Jag kommer nog inte ta betalt för den funktionalitet som finns uppe idag (jag tror inte att jag skulle få in så mycket att det skulle vara värt det), men det finns några tänkbara affärsmodeller kring grundteknologin, där kanske det blir något av det hela. Det verkar som kundsegmentet (studenter undantagna) är betalningsstarkt 🙂

  2. Staffan Malmgren har just offentliggjort sitt imponerande projekt Det verkar väldigt lovande. 🙂

    Jag har själv länge funderad på att publicera lagtext med det har fallit på bristande teknisk kompetens från min sida. Min vision är a…

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