I’m not dead yet!

Not much activity on the blog as of recently, but this is mainly
because I’ve been working evenings and weekends putting lagen.nu in shape. I’ve only got three
TODO items left (and they’re really minor) before I can let the site
go public in an alpha version.

Lagen.nu won’t be of much use to you unless you speak swedish and is
interested in swedish law, but if you do, it will be THE reference
site for you. I’m real happy about how it’s shaping up, in
particularly how fun it is to hack on it. I think a key aspect of it
is the total feature-driven approach I’ve been taking. Basically, I’ve
just completely disregarded everything I’ve learned about planning
ahead, writing maintainable code, finding out the Right Way to do
things, and just coded away with no plan in sight.

And yet, I’ve still learned a few interesting lessons. I hope to find
the time and energy to write some of them down here, but the main
lesson is the one outlined above.