Passed the history test!

As previously reported,
I’ve studied for a history exam. The examination was split in two
parts, one written and one oral, and this wednesday I did the last

I’m happy to report that I passed the test with a ”MVG”
grade. That’s the highest possible grade for these kinds of test,
although I don’t know how many percent achieve it. Neverthless, this
was the last real obstacle in the way for a successful law school
application, and so it’s a big load off my shoulders. Now I can spend
way more time working on

As part of my preparations, I summarized the entire history of the
world in a 100+ page document. I was planning to put it up on the web
under some suitable
license, but it needs some polishing and some restructuring (right
now it has the exact same structure as the book I read, Människan
genom tiderna
), which I’m not really inclined to do right
now. However, if someone’s interested, drop me a mail.