Terry Fisher: ”Promises to keep”

Lessig comments on
and recommends
‘s book ”Promises
to keep”
, with the subtitle ”Technology, Law and the Future of
Entertainment”. Coming from a technology background and moving into
law, these discussions always interests me. The introduction and final
chapter is available
, and from what I’ve read so far it’s a very readable
discussion on the historic reasons for intellectual property rights
(including patents, trade secrets and copyrights), how digital
distribution changes the prerequisites for the existing laws, and how
new ways of looking at intellectual property can bring legislation
that encourages the creation of cultural content and innovations,
without restricting user’s rights.

It seems that Fisher’s advocating a sort of content
solution, which I’ve previously written of as
unrealistic, but through a brief discussion around ”public goods”, he
argues his case very strongly. I will probably have more to say once
I’ve read the entire chapter.