Quickies of the day

Not much time for interesting posts of my own these days, busy
studying history for my final oral exam on Wednesday. Meanwhile,
here’s what interested me in the blogosphere today.

  • Interesting
    blog entry
    from Frederik Lundh on the role of Trackers in the
    Widget Construction Set
    for Python. I might need to write some GUI code soon, maybe this would
    be the way to go.
  • Aaron Wormus worries
    about the embedded database SQLite and bad security practises (Hint:
    Keep the SQLite database file OUT of the web root)
  • Brad Adams posts slides
    and demos
    from his BorCon presentation. I
    think Borland might have a winner on its hand with the next version of
    Delphi, since it seems it will allow both classic Win32 programming
    and .Net programming, filling the niche that VB left with
    VB.Net. There’s a lot of people that wants to write code that runs on
    machines without the .Net runtime, and currently the only Microsoft
    option for that is C++. At the same time, people want to have the
    opportunity to do .Net development as well. Delphi’s might be the best
    option for these people.
  • Sam Ruby notices some character set mismatch in a blog post from
    , and dissects it in great detail. Almost as required a
    reading as Joel Spolsky’s much linked developers
    guide to Unicode
  • David Warnock suggests
    that python is a good language for teaching kids how to code. I’m
    wondering how good Squeak
    works for this, seemingly as it’s designed for this and similar
  • Edward W. Felten suggests,
    like Lessig
    a few weeks ago, that online porn shold be labeled with an
    ”adultsonly” or ”porn” tag. I said
    it then, and I’ll say it again: Take a look at PICS, the w3c standard that’s
    designed precisely for this and similar problems. Maybe the problem is
    that there is no ”standard” rating vocabulary with
    definitions for ”porn” or ”adultsonly”. Or maybe it’s the fact that
    only XML standard geeks can understand that last document. I think
    PICS need an evangelist quick, or others will reimplement it,