Quickies of the day

Lately, I’ve only been blogging about what’s going on in my
world. Time to go through the last few days of blog postings that I
found interesting for one reason or another:

  • pHatidic writes
    the fact that Wikipedia does work, despite all the
    theoretical arguments detailing why it cannot. It’s like the
    , which by the law of physics cannot fly (well, actually
    course they can
    ), but since the bumblebees have never taken even
    remedial physics, they are blissfully unaware of this fact.
  • At first, I thought Microsoft was patenting
    . After further examination, it’s not as bad as it
    looks. Still, if you subscribe to the newly
    granted Microsoft patents RSS feed
    , you’ll get several examples each week
    of why software patentability is not a good idea.
  • Spamamusment continues
    to churn out brilliant
    spam-inspired comics
  • A new beta of the next-generation
    windows shell (Monad)
    is out. I no longer have MSDN beta access,
    but I’m really looking forward to trying this out when it becomes more
    widely available. I just hope they focus as much on the accompanying
    programs as the core shell technology. If one has do download
    Monad-compliant utilities from all over the place, much of the value
    of the shell will be lost. I’m looking forward to see how the
    functionality of tools like sed and awk could be expressed in a .Net
    object environment.
  • Raymond is shocked to find out that Swedes are mis-using the right
    to sick leave
    . ”Everyone” has known that the sick-leave system is
    widely abused, but this is the maybe the first time that the
    politicans in charge admit it. But I’m mainly linking to this since
    I, like most Swedes, am deeply curious about how this country looks
    through the eyes of someone outside of it.
  • Scoble continues
    to act as the Kibo of the
    blogosphere. This post is yet another cheap attempt to get mentioned
    on his blog.
  • This story about scientific experiments with swimming in syrup has
    been seen everywhere today, but I first read it in jwz’s
    , as usual.
  • Cedric’s talking about his
    experiences after 6+ months of working with JDK 5.0. Interesting
  • Edward W. Felten has an interesting
    on the recent story about online-poker-playing
    . ”There’s a sucker at every poker table, and if you can’t see
    him, it’s probably you”

And some links to interesting swedish blog posts. If you’re not a
swedish speaker, take a page from Raymond
Chen’s book

  • My friend and colleguage Erik has published his report on
    the state
    of the web security
    of swedish political parties. It has sparked
    , and Erik has also published a follow-up
    detailing why it’s important to fix security problems,
    even if they can’t be exploited right away.
  • Karl Jonsson writes about
    the latest controversy involving swedish bittorent site The Pirate Bay. The TPB guys
    come off more immature than ever in their email exchange with
    Uppsala Universitet. Those advocating stronger copyright protection
    must love TPB, since they provide so many examples of how
    irresponsible the filesharing community can behave.
  • Niklas Lundblad is holding a lecture about information security
    and philosophy, and has put up his slides with
    comments. Certainly a unique perspective on security, I would have
    loved to attend the lectures.