Back to school

As a part of my ongoing preparations to apply to law school next
year, I’m currently studying the history of the world. In Sweden you
can, if you find that your old school grades aren’t so good, do a
general nationwide test for applying to the university —
”Högskoleprovet”, and if you get a good score on that, you can
use that instead of your old grades to apply for any university

Well, my old school grades weren’t that hot, and so I took the test
some time ago, and it went really (really!) well. I might have gotten
smarter in the last ten years. But then I discovered that in order to
be a laywer, you need to be a history buff. Or at least, your old
history grade must be at least 3, regardless of your
Högskoleprov-score. Mine was a 2 (graded from 1-5, 5 is
best). Oops. (This isn’t specific to law school and history, every
university education can have some subjects for which applicants are
required to have at least a 3 as their old school grade. This wasn’t a
problem to me before since I’ve only read computer science, for which
history is not considered that important.)

But there’s a second chance for people like me. We can re-read the
high scool history curriculum and take a day-long test, and if we
pass, then we still get to apply to law school. And so what I spend a
lot of nights doing now is reading and re-reading history books at an
increasingly frantic speed. The date for the test is Sept 13th, for
which I have to be as historically versed as I’ll ever be (actually,
there is another test the 8th of november that I can take, should I
fail this, but I try to keep that possibility out of my mind for

Anyway, I’m finding that history is really an interesting subject,
which really DOES help me to understand the present better. I wonder
why I never liked it back in school? I guess it’s harder to see the
use of it before getting interested in current affairs and in general
seeing the world.

On another note, since I won’t be writing so much about programming
anymore, I have been thinking about starting to write this blog in
swedish instead, as it will be of even less interest to people outside
Sweden now. Then again, if I’m going to link out to lots of people all
over (and I will), it might be nice for them to know what I’m writing
about. If I had put up a talkback system, all you trusty readers could
weigh in with your options, but I’m a lazy lazy man.