Some parts of Microsoft still doesn’t get it

So, I’m setting out to do interesting stuff on the PocketPC/Windows
Mobile platform, mostly to do with hardware integration, particularly
bluetooth and IrDA communication, so I’m not interested in that sissy
Compact Framework stuff that MSDN seems to want to push. Through
MSDN Home > Mobile &
Embedded Developer Center
 > Product
& Technology Information
 > Platforms > Windows
I finally get to ”Windows
Mobile Developer Resource Kit
”, which sounds about right:

The Windows Mobile Developer Resource Kit is essential for developers
seeking knowledge about the latest platform advances for mobile

Bring it on!, I say. But it turns out that the Windows Mobile
Developer Resource Kit (WMDRK) is only available on DVD, you can’t
download it
. Hello? This is 2004, why do I have to wait for a physical
disc (and pay $16 for S&H) to get the bits? This is so Amish!

Of course, i understand that the entire WMDRK is a big download, but I
really don’t need it all. I have the IDE’s and the SDK’s
already, I just want to have a look at the case studies, technical
articles and developer power toys. Of course, I’m not sure of any of
these actually are, as there is hardly any information about them at
all. Hell, those things might already be available for download
somewhere else (the SDK’s are), but where?

It feels like I’m back developing for the Epoc/Symbian platform, circa 2000. And that’s not a compliment.