Tomorrow is the big day!

Tomorrow at 14.00, this year’s Stockholm Marathon begins. I’ve been training for this event since the very beginning of the year (actually, I began training in december, but it wasn’t until I made it my new years resolution that I committed to it). For the last five months, I’ve been running around 15 km per week, on average. I would have done more, but my legs and feet have protested when I tried to train harder. Still, it’s 315 km this year, not counting all other kinds of excercise (particularly on elliptic trainers), so I feel fairly well prepared. I have abandoned my initial goal of running a four hour marathon, but 4:30 should not be out of the question. It would also be nice if I avoided being lapped (it’s a two-lap race) by the frontrunners 🙂

I went and got my race number bib today (10335, come cheer for me!), and saw all the others would-be marathoners for the first time. It was nice to see that I was not, in fact, alone — a lot of people have gotten the same crazy idea.

I’m as fit as I’ll ever be, I’m fully carboloaded, and expecting good weather conditions tomorrow. All that remains now is to fasten the time measurement chip and then try to get some sleep.