Hardware sucks, part 2

A month ago the hard disk in my home desktop computer crashed. Yesterday, the hard disk in my laptop crashed. I’ve been using computers with hard disks for at least 15 years, and before last month, I had never had a actual, physical hard disk crash on any of my personal machines (I’ve had drives wiped out for various other reasons, but the actual drives were always usable). Is this the start of a bad trend? Having hard disk prices below 1$/GB isn’t all that great if the disks have the life expectancy of a Microdrive.

Well, all the important stuff is backed up elsewhere, and I only lost some blog subscriptions added in the last few weeks. Still, I should try to start using Unison again (I stopped using it when I retired my Linux machine, which acted as server storage area) — it’s a great way to keep all one’s important files (in my case, almost everything under %USERPROFILE%) in sync between machines. Use it to sync your work and home computer, and you have automatic offsite backup.