Quickies of the day

I’ve read lots of interesting things the last week, but haven’t sat down to go through my ”Items for Review” folder until now. By the way, that RSSBandit feature rocks!

  • Gunnar Kudrjavets has an interesting discussion about wheter to have assertions turned on in Release code (Part I and Part II). At first, one would agree with Schneier and Ferguson in that ”That [Release code] is the only place where you really need it!”. The problem is that release code has performance demands. If liberal usage of assertions slow down release code, you’ll be tempted to use them less, ultimately rendering you with a less solid system.
  • Those entries from Gunnar are several weeks old, but I didn’t find out about his blog until today through a post from Cyrus (whose last name I cannot seem to find). Cyrus has plenty of interesting stuff as well, particularly this post about some new stuff coming out of Microsoft Research. AsmL is an interesting system that reminds me of both automata theory and literate programming. Polyphonic C# is a extension of C# for asynchronous concurrent programming, which sound similar to how Erlang works.
  • Another interesting post from Cyrus is where he enters a well-written bug report to the Mono guys (regarding anonymous delegate support). It warms my heart to see Microsoft-Open source cooperation at this level, between the actual developers, and serves as a nice example that we all actually CAN get along.
  • Jimmy Nilsson writes a little about the current state of AOP on the .Net platform. Now, if the AOP fans are correct in that this is the next big thing on the same scale as OOP is the big thing today, you all should expect to deal with it in the real world in about 10 years 🙂