Back at fourth!

In march, I noticed that a google search for ”staffan” yielded my blog at 23th place, down from 4th. I am now happy to announce that I’m yet again the fourth most important ”staffan” on the web (at least on the US This might mean that Rasmus google-poisoning powers has worn off. I’m also number two in a search for ”malmgren”, which I think is an all-time high.

I think there’s some kind of executive desk toy that displays things like stock indexes and website load with real-life analog dials, that get their information from some sort of radio network (I remember reading about it in Wired somewhere). I’d like to have one of those hooked up to my google rating.

Ett svar på “Back at fourth!”

  1. Exciting how results seem to be weighted differently depending on the search page used, obviously, you are a very international person (as you get a not-so-good rating if one uses the Swedish interface [but search all pages]).

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