Trying out RSSBandit

When i first got into this RSS aggregator game, FeedReader was pretty much the only (free) game in town. When Syndirella came out, I quickly switched to that, then to SharpReader, and now I’m trying out RSSBandit. I was mostly satisfied with SharpReader, but I wanted to try out the ”Special Feeds” feature (basically, you can flag blog postings for later perusal), which ought to be useful when reading posts and thinking ”hey, I might want to blog about this at a later point”. Also, being able to synchronize the state of RSSBandit instances on different machines seems useful (but I haven’t tried it yet). All in all, mad respect to Dare (who, like me, uses dasBlog).

However, it seems that RSSBandit has inherited my pet peeve with SharpReader in that, while reading, the Space key will sometimes sometimes scroll down the current blog posting pane, and sometime move to the next unread item. This seem to depend on which pane the focus is, and possibly on wheter the currently selected item has been read previously.

I want Space to always, ALWAYS, scroll down in the current blog posting pane, unless that pane is already at the bottom. Right now I often run into the following scenario: I’m reading a blog post that’s to large to fit in the pane, and i press Space to read the rest of it. But for some reason the focus was in the wrong pane, and RSSBandit moves to the next posting, which often is in a different RSS feed, making it difficult to navigate back (I have to remember which feed I was just reading, as well as marking the new selected blog post unread).

I also miss SharpReader’s feature of right-clicking a blog posting title and selecting ”Open in new window”. However, since RSSBandit is open source, there’s a theoretical chance that I might fix this, and the above problem, myself 🙂

Update: Unlike SharpReader, RSSBandit exits when I press Alt+F4, but not when I click the right-corner ”X”. I think Alt-F4 and right-corner-”X” should have the same behaviour. The good news is that RSSBandit restarts faster than SharpReader 🙂

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  1. You might like to give Sauce Reader a try. It supports flagging and has a powerful built-in weblog posting tool. Outlook 2003 style UI. It doesn’t play perfectly with the space bar (now a bug in our system) but does have consistent behaviour for X and Alt-F4 🙂

    cheers, Nathan

  2. Staffan,

    I recently made the same change:

    Overall, I am really happy with RSSBandit now, although I had not noticed the thing with the spacebar. As for closing, I noticed that you can have it go to the tray when you close the app (see "On Application Close" setting on general tab). The problem is that then it no longer goes to the tray when you minimize.

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