Mini-review: Division of Laura Lee ”Das not compute”

[Aarrgh, I just lost the entire review because dasBlog suddenly decided that I wasn’t logged in, and when I went back, the nice and friendly HTML-editor-form didn’t keep my text… And now I can’t reproduce it]

I had to find out what all the fuss about this band was about. On the surface, there’s nothing that special about DOLL. It’s rock. It’s nicely produced. They build really convincing moods with small means. A good case of ”less is more”. While the uptempo tracks are instantly recognizable and easy to get into, it’s the slower numbers like ”Breathe breathe” and ”There’s a last time for everything”, with their slower, moodier sounds (making good use of keyboards), that win me over. Some songs are so intense that I can’t stand to listen to them when I’m around people. Not many bands have that effect on me, and while it’s a little frightening, I can’t recommend this record highly enough.

Blog updated

I’ve now updated the software running this blog to dasBlog 1.6. It came with a default theme that looks so nice I’m going to keep it. Only problem so far is that dates are rendered with the locale settings of the browsing user, at least with IE (I get ”den 4 maj 2004” when I want to get ”Tuesday, May 04, 2004″, which is what I get with Mozilla). Anyway, it seems to fix the problems with the ASP.NET 1.1 paranoid security settings that Göran encountered in this thread (which is an interesting discussion that you should follow, by the way).

Update: No, spoke too soon. It seems you can still cannot post anything containing the string ”script:” in a comment on a dasBlog instance.

I’ve got my number!

I’ve recieved my starting number for this year’s Stockholm Marathon. In case any of you wants to follow the race on the web, or even on the streets of Stockholm, the number to cheer for is 10335. Five weeks to go! My general shape is ok, but I’m still slower on the 9km run than I need to be. And I need to squeeze in another half-marathon or two before the big day.

One more example of why I should not be entrusted with sysadmin duties

The computer that’s serving you this blog is also my main hobby development machine. As such, I have a couple of test/development web sites on it, in subdirectories. However, I’m running dasBlog from the root directory. This occasionally causes problems, for example the web.config file for dasblog references a bunch of assemblies used for http handlers and other stuff. This stuff is inherited to all other applications, and I can’t seem to turn it off (specifying <clear/> under <httpHandlers> does not seem to work). As a workaround, I copy all the dasblog dll’s to each and every web application’s bin directory. Cludgy, but at least it allows me to get stuff done. Except when I move instead of copy… which lead to my other application working, but the main blog being broken for several hours.

However, I find this info from Netcraft to be a little funny: