Quickies of the day

  • Google being irrational in the best of ways: Google expects to bring in $eB ($2,718,281,828) in their IPO. If you ask me, they’re worth at least $πB.
  • There has been a lot of buzz about the newest publication from Microft’s Pattern and Practices group, ”Improving .NET Application Performance and Scalability”. Since I’m not finished with ”Improving Web Application Security” yet, I’ve only skimmed this one, but it seems to approach it’s subject with similar throughoutness. However, can I ask for a PDF version?
  • Keith Pitty gathers introductory links to Java Server Faces, which for me as a .Net developer seem to correspond nicely to ASP.NET WebForms. While I really only focus on the .Net platform in my day-to-day development, I make a point of staying somewhat in touch in what happens in the Java community, if for no other reason to be able to contrast the platforms and knowing the strength and weaknesses in their differing approaches. Since I’ve been looking into Code access security, I should probably read up a little on the Java security manager. After all, the Java camp has been thinking about these issues for ten years now.
  • Omar Shahine tells how to get PDF’s to open in Acrobat Reader instead of in the browser. As added bonus, he gives pointers on how to make recent versions of Acrobat Reader start quicker.
  • L-G from Entombed is apparently a guest on Eurodisco star E-Type’s new record. E-Type has already enlisted Motörhead drummer Mikey Dee, at least for performances, but I still don’t think this is going to get him respect in heavy metal circles.