Is this on?

Ok, so after re-installing my main home
PC I’ve finally come to the point where I re-enable the blog. I decided to be a little
daring and replace the old and not-very-maintained BlogX engine
with a brand new dasBlog installation. I haven’t
managed to import the old blog entries yet, despite them being very similar in structure.
Well, got to save something for another night.

Excellent guitar chord guide

Or rather, ‘More than just
a ”Chord Book”
‘. Every chord imaginable detailed in lots of different fingerings,
and with discussions on when you’d want to use a certain fingering, or even type of
chord (dim, 7, sus4, etc). Now that I’ve started playing with my old nylon acoustic,
stuff like this is really interesting.

Actually, the entire site seems to be
an excellent music theory resource for guitarists.