Hard disks suck

So, my spiffy SATA hard disk crashed. I had most important stuff backed up, but sadly not the blog postings. I do have all the content in the form of a sharpreader cache file, so the stuff will come back, but it seems that all images and, more importantly, all comments, are lost. Sorry about that. New backup routines are established…

Now I have to write a little program to parse the cache file (which seem to be straight RSS) and convert it into the XML files that dasblog expect. I could go with VBScript and MSXML, which I’m familiar with, and get it done in 30 minutes, or I could go with C# and the .net framework XML classes, which I’m not so familiar with, and get it done tonight, or I could install python, sit down with the newly released Dive into python 5.0 edition, and be stuck for the rest of the week. Decisions, decisions…

By the way, the templates that come with dasblog look nice, but they don’t work so good in Mozilla. More proof that Clemens Vasters hates open source 🙂

3 svar på ”Hard disks suck”

  1. Some of the images (that were initially edited on my laptop) have been restored. Now my Omar/Slash joke makes sense again. Whee!

  2. I think you mean that hardware sucks.

    I think Python is rather easy to get acquainted with, so you needn’t be stuck for the rest of the week just for going with Python.

  3. Well, yes. It’s just that hard disks suck even more, at least right now.

    Python is weird for me. Everyone’s always telling me how great it is, and when I do sit down with it every six months i find it to be a really nice language, get my feet a little wet, and then I feel no urge whatsoever to pick it up again for another six months.

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