Laptops rule

A few months ago, I built myself a new desktop PC (”monolith”) to use at home. I made
it ridicously overpowered, and even got a nice 17″ TFT screen to go with it, thinking
that if I had a home development environment that was better than my work environment,
I would be much more motivated to do more hobby development at home, something that
I really used to like to do. But it didn’t work out that way. While I use the
computer a lot, it’s mostly for surfing, writing/blogging, media playing and
home recording. When sitting down at the desk at home, I just can’t seem to get into
the zone required for development. I thought I was just stuck in a temporary rut and
that I’d start coding again soon enough.

Well, today I brought home my work laptop, sat down in the sofa, fired up Visual Studio,
and was instantly transfered to the coding zone. What more, it was really fun again.
Thinking back, the last time I did any serious coding home was before I got the home
computer, when I used to drag down my laptop every day. While I can be very productive
sitting at a desk at work, it seems that I need to be sitting in a sofa to be productive
at home. I just wish I had something beefier than this T21 Thinkpad. Maybe if I install
XP on the desktop PC and use terminal services to access it from the laptop…

My friend Rasmus started blogging again,
and set up a system called SnipSnap,
a wiki/blog hybrid written in Java. It looks really nice, and maybe it was part of
the inspiration for me to sit down and work on my own wiki/blog/bliki thingy (mentioned before).