Stupid recordlabels

A couple of days ago published
a review of Tyla’s
(of Dogs D’Amour) and Dregen’s
(of Backyard babies) acoustic
live album, The Poet & the Dragon, ”Live…
somewhere in this world
” (I would post a link to the record label’s information
page about this record, but I cannot find it). Good review, and I became immediately
interested in the record. However, as is a somewhat reputable publication,
they get sent advance copies of upcoming albums, and review them before they’re available.
This particular record won’t be available for over another week. If the review had
been published the same day as it was available for regular mortals (something that
the record label could easily arrange), I would have been much more likely to go out
during my lunch break and buy it. Now it’s probably easier to ask around if anyone
I know have any mp3’s of the advance release.