I don’t know fashion, but I know what I like

I usually dress
very casually, but I might be inclined to wear suits more often if I had this suit
(from J Lindberg). The picture doesn’t really
do it justice (it looks sort of camo-ish here, it’s more of a snow/bleach washed thing,
if that’s the correct term), there’s a much better picture in this months Plaza
. I have no idea what it costs, though. And I’m a little reluctant to
find out.

Update: I went to look during lunch. 5700 SEK for the entire suit.
Expensive, but I actually thought it would have cost more.

Stupid recordlabels

A couple of days ago Dagensskiva.com published
a review of Tyla’s
(of Dogs D’Amour) and Dregen’s
(of Backyard babies) acoustic
live album, The Poet & the Dragon, ”Live…
somewhere in this world
” (I would post a link to the record label’s information
page about this record, but I cannot find it). Good review, and I became immediately
interested in the record. However, as Dagensskiva.com is a somewhat reputable publication,
they get sent advance copies of upcoming albums, and review them before they’re available.
This particular record won’t be available for over another week. If the review had
been published the same day as it was available for regular mortals (something that
the record label could easily arrange), I would have been much more likely to go out
during my lunch break and buy it. Now it’s probably easier to ask around if anyone
I know have any mp3’s of the advance release.

New IDG column on its way

I’ve just finished this weeks column for IDG.se. This week, the news of Intels new
line of P4’s
tied nicely into a rant about how we really do need ever faster computers,
even though not all of us may have a use for the cycles right away. It should be sent
out in tomorrows newsletter. Why not subscribe?
The one I write for is called ”IDG.se Teknik & Tester”, and is in Swedish.

The column should also be up on the web some time later this week.
Update: Here
it is

The venture capital game

Recently, I’ve been digging deep into the piles of accumulated cruft at the office.
It’s now five years since we started the company, and during that time we’ve been
through a lot of ups and downs. In particular, I found lots of documents relating
to the business side of running a software company. Reading through all different
VC presentations, legal documents and financial calculation, I got struck with a sort
of nostalgia-mixed-with-horror. Most of the time, it was not fun to be a venture capital
funded startup.

So today I read Tim Bray’s ”Bouncing
”, which, apart from being a refresher/primer on venture capital concepts,
also tells the very refreshing story of seasoned entrepreneurs standing up to the
VC’s unreasonable demands.