Bozos vs Idiots

Lao Tsu, by the way of SetTheBozoBit

When the fool learns the Way,
He laughs at it.
Yet if the fool did not laugh at it,
It would not be the Way.
Indeed, if you are seeking the Way,
Listen for the laughter of fools.

Very nicely put. It did remind me of a column that Erik retold today, about a man
who went around in the city, being more and more aggravated about all the idiots surrounding
him. Everywhere he looked, in every situation, people were behaving like idiots
(remember the saying ”Think about how dumb the average person is, now, by definition,
half of all the people are even dumber”). So he went and had a sign made, a sign that
just said ”Idiots” — and put it on the inside of his front door.

Update: It is also worth remembering this
(abbreviated) quote
: ”[…]

But they also laughed at Bozo the Clown” — Carl Sagan

This one goes to 11^H^H8!

  • 8-string
    electric guitar
    , tuned F, Bb, Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb and Eb (low to high) or to customer’s
  • 3-piece hard rock maple, graphite reinforced through-body neck, with an ebony 24-fret
  • Alder body with a maple top.
  • Extended scale length for a clear and defined low end with superb overtones.
  • Features an ABM bridge with fine-tuners, and a locking nut.
  • One custom-wound Lundgren humbucking pickup.

This is the guitar used by Mårten Hagström and Fredrik Thordendahl of Meshuggah.

Even without the celebrity endorsement, I still would have lusted after this one.
Wonder how hard it is to learn to play? Then again, I probably should be a little
more proficient with the 6-string version first.

Update: Meshuggah has been scheduled to
play this year’s Roskilde Festival.
One more reason to go!

Best albums of 2003

With the pseduo-journalistic M.O. of running a blog comes a free license to write
”best of the year”-lists. I might be a few days late,
but what the hell. Also, it seems from looking at the server logs that band names
are one of the most common ways people end up here from search engines.

The main focus of the list seem to be albums that helped me get through the autumn.
Therefore, a little more Emo than what I would
usually pick. If I’m really bored some other night, I might link up all bands, albums
and song titles so you can go clicky like mad.

  1. Lost Patrol – Songs about running away
    I read an article about Dennis Lyxéns new solo album and it’s focus on a
    relationship breakup, which sounded strange (as I’ve always associated Dennis with
    strongly political lyrics in all his bands) but interesting. I downloadeded ”Going
    going gone” from, the next thing I knew I had listened to it on repeat
    for an entire afternoon. I bought the album the same day. The Lost Patrol also performed
    what might be last year’s best concert at Debaser in the late summer (but also see
  2. Dashboard Confessional – A mark, a mission, a brand, a scar
    In particular ”Hands Down” which might just be the best song about kissing
    a girl for the first time ever, even surpassing Jawbreaker’s ”East Bay Invitational”.
    The other songs pale a bit in comparison, but are still very good.
  3. Moneybrother – Blood Panic
    Another album with a epic song that stand out amongs a bunch of what would
    otherwise have been considered brilliant songs — ”It’s been hurting all the way with
    you Joanna”. My largest regret this year concert-wise is that I missed all chances
    to see them live (which in a way is a wierd accomplishment as they’ve seem to played
    just about everywhere)
  4. Nasum – Helvete
    I saw these guys at The Shrine early this year, when they gave a incredbly
    intense gig with a very well-defined sound. The album was likewise intense, to the
    point that I couldn’t take it all in at once. I had to listen to a few songs on repeat
    at a time, until I was familiar with the entire album.
  5. The Mars Volta – De-Loused in the comatorium
    This years big hype in hard rock circles, and not unjustified. This album
    also took some time to digest, but Televators might be one of the finest, most elaborately
    disguised ballads this year. The way it was played at the Stockholm gig this autumn
    (at first only with electic piano and vocals) is even better than the album version.
  6. Entombed – Inferno
    I didn’t think much of this when I first got it — another solid death’n
    roll album, but nothing spectacular — but after the Debaser gig this september, which
    may have been the best gig this year, in fierce competition with The Lost Patrol,
    I realized what gems were actually hidden on this album
  7. MBMA – Nu ännu drygare
    This is just an EP, but amazingly varied. The title track is a football-crowd-singalong-hiphop-anthem
    of previously unheard proportions (as well as a nice 12-bar-blues-ish chord progression),
    ”Förr eller senare” is a wonderful narratory song with first-class guest, and ”Småsaker”
    is a surprisingly sensitive song.
  8. Jose González – Veener
    I got in way too late on this hype, but this is an amazing demonstration
    of how strongly emotions can be conveyed with an acoustic guitar and a voice.
  9. Sick of it all – Life on the ropes
    The first SOIA album produced by themselves, and it feels amazingly vital,
    fast, agressive and with just the right amount of melody. And the anthemic (is that
    a word?) ”For Now” is wonderful.
  10. Turbonegro – Scandinavian Leather
    I was a little disappointed in this, but then I had very high expectations.
    It does not have the energy of ”Ass Cobra” and ”Apocalypse Dudes”, but ”Fuck the World”
    and ”Ride with us” are still very good songs.
  11. Calm – Are we supposed to be…
    I went to Club Nirvana with some friends, not expecting anything in particular,
    as this band started moshing all over the stage as well as the audience floor, scaring
    all of the audience up against the wall. After the first two songs I hated it, after
    the following two I loved it.
  12. MC Solaar – Mach 6
    As a whole, this album is not that excellent, but ”Guerilla” and in particular
    ”La Vie Est Belle” are incredibly good. The latter also have the perfect tempo and
    dynamic structure for running, it’s going to help me during this year’s marathon.
  13. Danko Jones – We Sweat Blood
    If this had been a live album, it would likely place higher. The album is
    good, but pales in comparison to the live show I saw this autumn.
  14. Poison The Well – You Come Before You
    I liked ”Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder”, and had high hopes for this
    Swede-produced major label debut. However, most of the songs did not stick, with the
    exception for ”Ghostchant”
  15. Fireside – Get Shot
    Another album that I had high expectations for, and the single ”Throw it
    away” as well as the album starter ”All you had” promised much, but I haven’t found
    myself coming back to this album often.
  16. Funeral for a Friend – Casually Dressed & Deep in conversation
    I saw the video for ”Juneau” by accident, found it an interesting screamo
    song, and downloaded some songs. The emo parts are very good, but I don’t care much
    for the heavy metal-ish guitar licks. Still, a good album, now if they could just
    play a little less on the next one…
  17. Hatebreed – The Rise Of Brutality
    As this is essentially ”Persevearence” part 2, and that album was one of
    the best of last year, maybe this should place higher, but then again, I already have
    that album when I’m in the mood for brutal metalcore.
  18. Östermalm – Aldrig Mer Teater
    Again, an album with a really strong starter song (”En Lyckad Kväll På Indian
    Star”), that makes me remember the best parts of KSMB, but the rest of the songs don’t
    reach the same heights.
  19. Dimmu Borgir – Death Cult Armageddon
    Clearly this year’s best epic symponic black metal album. I haven’t been
    much in the mood for that this year, though.
  20. Lisa Miskovsky – Fallingwater
    I loved what Lisa Miskovsky did on the Lost Patrol album. If she had had
    Dennis Lyxén as partner for this album instead of that Kent dude, this might have
    placed much higher.

On being an idealistic Swede


The two types of stories I like most on Swedish radio are (1) where they
talk about the United States, since it’s enlightening to learn how others see us,
and (2) when they talk about slimy politicians.

The Swedes seem all upset that their politicians are selfish money-grubbing sleazeballs.
Hey, you idealistic Swedes, they’re politicians. Being selfish money-grubbing
sleazeballs is their job!

must… watch… more… TV

So, the ”Book
” DVD actually did appear before the holidays, but I have not sat down and
seen it yet. And to further pile opon the stuff of things that needs to be seen, the
first season of 24 is on sale, like everywhere
for around 200 SEK. I never saw it when it aired, which I’m kinda glad about now,
because it seems like the kind of show that lends itself nicely to 18-hour viewing
marathons. It’s going to be fun…

Speaking of marathons, my training for this summers marathon goes on, and I’ve already
started to feel pain in my ankles. Today I switched the treadmill run for a elliptical
trainer session. Since I don’t know what running 35 mins at 10.5 km/h would correspond
to on that machine’s setting, I erred on the tougher side. After about 15 minutes
I realised my mistake, but couldn’t admit that to myself, so I went on. Kinda exhausting,
but I think my newborn stubbornness is a vital quality for a would-be marathon runner.

This year’s new years resolution

So, I very rarely make new year’s resolutions, but for this year I had actually thought
one over and decided that it made sense: During 2004, I will finish in a marathon
race. I’m primarily focusing on Stockholm
, but failing that, I’m also thinking about the New
York City Marathon
, which is later in the year, giving me more time to prepare.

I’m following the suggested
training schedule for a 4-hour race
, which today meant a 14 km run (on a treadmill),
which was as exhausting as could be expected — and it’s still only a third of the
real race.

The importance of good music to listen to when running cannot be understated — today
I loaded my JOS MP-100 with Jimmy Eat World ”Bleed American” (worked out very
good), MC Solaar ”Mach 6” (the uptempo songs worked fine, but not the slower ones)
and Entombed ”Inferno” (Works as good as ever, particularly ”The Fix Is In”).

A strange thing is that the MP-100 only weighs around 34 gram (including battery),
yet at the end of the run felt very heavy around my neck. I’m glad I didn’t get an