Joel on how to not write and send out résumés

Joel Spolsky sounds a bit more cranky than usual in Getting
Your Résumé Read:

Paper résumés can’t get into the email folder we’re using to keep track of applicants
unless we scan them in, and, you know what? The scanner is right next to the shredder
in my office and the shredder is easier to use.

I guess I see where he’s coming from; few programmers like doing HR’ ish work. About
résumés and how to get them read, there’s this interesting anectote about the then-CEO
of some large swedish company (I wish I could remember the names); who, when presented
with a large pile of résumés for a high profile position, divided the pile into two
and threw one in the bin, reasoning ”These people are misfortunate. We don’t need
that kind of people here”.