Sunday’s long run

Sundays now means long distance running, and the program for
today was a 17 km run at around 1.42-1.59. I finished at 1.48, which I’m fairly pleased
with, however, the program describes this as slow pace. I don’t know
if I agree with that. In two weeks I have to run 18 km in the same time, and preferably
a little faster. That’s going to be interesting. I haven’t been to Löplabbet to
try out new shoes, so I fished out the old ones they recommended to me five years
ago, and they worked beautifully. Ran 6 km with them yesterday and didn’t feel a thing
today. We’ll see how my legs like it tomorrow.

I listened to the Rory Blyth.Net
show during
the run, and it was fun, if a little more devoid of actual content than the Sam
Gentile one
. However, I think it’s great news
that Rory will co-host
the show from now on, I think he’ll make an even better
host than interviewee. Just make sure he’s got plenty of his drug of choice before
you start to record.