Blog tech: Pingbacks and trackbacks

As much as I like non-mature, loosely specified technologies, I never got that much
into what technologies go into blog publishing. I knew any blog worth its salt had
an RSS feed, so that was a requirement when I chose BlogX.
However, the pingback/trackback technologies
were largely unknown to me at the time, which was unfortunate as I now understand
they are a pretty big deal.

My first question is: Why the two standards? It seems to me they solve the same problem,
at least from reading the executive summaries?

My second question is: BlogX doesn’t support either sending or recieving any
of the *backs, no? Does third party blog clients, such as w.bloggar,
support this (Including backtrack/pingback autodiscovery?), or should the blog server
take care of sending the pings?

My third question is: At one point, I seem to recall that blogs kept track of who
were linking to them by looking at referrer headers. Is that passé as in ”oh, that’s
soooo 2003” now?

I’m really itching to write my own blog/wiki/bliki system (”because it’s there!”),
and it would seem silly not to get stuff like this right. I guess that Pie/Echo/Atom (which
is what, by the way?) has all this worked out and specified beautifully.