1 mcal, and finally a use for WMA

The training
said to run 8 km in 48 minutes today, but as I’m still letting my legs
rest, I again went on the Precor elliptical trainer,
aiming for a 15 kcal/min pace. Since I wasn’t totally exhausted after the first few
minutes I increased the resistance over and over until I hit an (for me) insane resistance
and pace. I managed to keep that pace until the end, which gave an average of 20.12
kcal/min, or a little over 1000 kcal (or is that one mcal?) in 50 minutes. I feel
a little suspicious of that machine, it felt a little too easy. Or maybe I’m just
getting super fit.

A third explanation may be that I skipped the music, instead listening to the .NET
radio show, the episode
with Sam Gentile
. My JOS MP-100 has
WMA support, but I’ve never found a use for it until now. The episode was fairly uninteresting,
but Sam’s critique of COM
, and particularly the RCW system,
was spot on. However, I do disagree with hosts about the importance of the other Interop
direction (CCW),
since I’m currently working inside a COM framework in which I’d like to plug in .NET
classes. There’s got to be a lot of COM based frameworks around still, no?

Next time I’m going to listen to the Rory
his blog is hilarious, and I hope the show is as well.