must… watch… more… TV

So, the ”Book
” DVD actually did appear before the holidays, but I have not sat down and
seen it yet. And to further pile opon the stuff of things that needs to be seen, the
first season of 24 is on sale, like everywhere
for around 200 SEK. I never saw it when it aired, which I’m kinda glad about now,
because it seems like the kind of show that lends itself nicely to 18-hour viewing
marathons. It’s going to be fun…

Speaking of marathons, my training for this summers marathon goes on, and I’ve already
started to feel pain in my ankles. Today I switched the treadmill run for a elliptical
trainer session. Since I don’t know what running 35 mins at 10.5 km/h would correspond
to on that machine’s setting, I erred on the tougher side. After about 15 minutes
I realised my mistake, but couldn’t admit that to myself, so I went on. Kinda exhausting,
but I think my newborn stubbornness is a vital quality for a would-be marathon runner.