Pet peeve of the day

Swedish DVD releases of english-language movies without english subtitles.
As my hearing is not as good as it should be, I like to watch movies (and TV series)
with subtitles so that I don’t miss anything, but I don’t want the swedish translations.
Sure, some translations are OK and some are even very good, but cultural references
and word jokes do not translate well, if at all.

Sandrew-Metronome and Nordisk Film are notoriously bad when it comes to this (Nordisk
Film even makes the subtitles mandatory — you can’t turn them off!), so I rarely
buy their releases, but order the UK or US releases instead. Just today, they missed
the chance to sell ”O, brother where
art thou
” and ”Bowling for Columbine
to me.

However, if the movie’s in French, Chinese or any other language that I don’t understand,
I’ll buy it on the theory that a French-English translator is just as likeable to
do a bad translation as a French-Swedish translation (Incidentally, this reminds me
of the time that a friend had seen ”Crouching
Tiger, Hidden Dragon
” and enthusistically quoted key lines — in english).